We invite you to the open day of "Sencu Sils" retreat center by WOA community

8th of July  14:00

We are pleased to invite you to participate in our special event —
Open Day at the Retreat Center by World of Awakening in Sencu Sils. On this day we open our doors to anyone and everyone who is interested in meditation, spiritual growth and living in harmony with themselves and the world around them.

On this Open Day, we offer you a glimpse into our life to share our experiences with you, show you around the center and offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of meditation and tranquility.

Program of the day


A concert of healing music on the piano


A tour of the retreat center with elements of stillness


Tea Ceremony
and the meditation of taste


Cozy campfire and enzyme tasting

What is a retreat center?

Retreat center is a place where people live and work with the common goal of self-development and full disclosure of human potential, where there is a deep immersion in meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices, under the guidance of a teacher you a developing a team, learn to live each day from a deeper understanding of your nature and sense of the present moment.

Our retreat center "Senču Sils" is located in Priedkalne, on 10 hectares of pine forest on the shores of beautiful Lake Baltezers. The retreat center has become home to one of the largest spiritual communities in the Baltics, uniting many awakened and awakened people.

Here there is an opportunity to meet practitioners from many countries of the world - Israel, USA, Belgium, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia. "Senču Sils" is the first Retreat Center in Europe, which along with retreats also conducts courses in the unique method of Paradanta Meditation.


Back in the last century, the scientist Tsiolkovsky noted that each new person who joins a group of people united by one goal increases the effectiveness of the entire group by 7 times! And our satsang will bring together eight awakened people who are actively continuing their journey. They are ready to share their experiences and answer your questions. The multi-effect of such a satsang gives special power to the general field. For people who are internally ready for the transformation of consciousness, in such a field it becomes easy to get their own experience of touching deeper levels of consciousness.

The awakened person is fully present  in what is happening right now. Attention of this intensity and density is healing for any person, giving a sense of joy, charge, and fullness of life. The awakened person answers your questions not from previous personal experience, but from the depths of the present moment, from what is happening right now and what life itself is prompting you to do.

Special workshops


Women's practices and flower crown weaving will invite you to plunge into the world of sensual experiences and enjoy the manifestations of the female nature. In the warm feminine space, each participant will decorate her image with a romantic floral wreath created with her own hands.


The spine is the "main energy artery" of humans, through which all kinds of currents that feed our body flow.  The proposed method of developing the spine, helps to open it and improve the energy conduction.
The human being comes to life!


Standing on nail boards  is a trendy area of yoga practice. Main effects:

  • boosting overall immunity
  • gaining a state of emotional lift
  • help in getting rid of bad habits
  • beneficial effects  for diseases and general nervous system


In the circle we will share the most precious thing we have: our attention. During the circle we will create a safe space of acceptance for all your expressions, and the exchange of healing attention will quickly restore strength and help you get through any condition.

Our team

World of Awakening is a system of practical knowledge leading to awakening and further transformation. It is a medium for evolutionary development and awareness of the meaning of life and one's place in the world. It is like a navigator for the soul.

Our community is a living organism. We are developing, growing, and improving. We have a large group of students here from all over the world. Each of us feels, that it is no longer possible to live as we used to. We cannot limit ourselves to struggling for a comfortable existence in a consumerist world, focusing only on the needs of the body and mind. The needs of the soul come first.

Energy exchange

35 €

The price includes participation in special practice corners, guided tour, multisatsang,
tea ceremony and taste meditation, as well as fruit and beverages for tasting.

Payment is accepted in cash on the spot or in advance.

For an additional fee, you can purchase a hot meal on site.


To register, follow the link to our Telegram chat, after which you will be contacted by our organizer.

If you do not have Telegram, you can register by contacting the organizer by phone (contacts below).

Pre-registration is required!


Riga, Priedkalne
Krastmalas iela 51

Anna Lena +49 170 4173743


Anna Lena +49 170 4173743

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