The Depth of

Another Dimension

28. July 19:00


You’ve been searching for an answer for a long time..

You have an inner desire to unlock the potential of your Soul, you are looking for solutions to the meaning of life, and the depth of a present moment. Well, it’s not simply reading about it, it’s about directly experiencing this yourself.

Maybe you’ve already tried a number of spiritual practices and you already received some answers, but you want more. Because you feel it’s not enough.. You feel that it’s time to Awaken!

Or perhaps you get sick of going on this Path alone and you have a strong desire to experience Unity with like minded spiritual seekers.. After all, doing it in a team is easier, faster and more powerful.

And further, maybe you know very little about spirituality, but you have an inner craving for something beautiful that this material world can not give you..

Experience the Depth of your own experience..

It’s your chance to dive deeper into Stillness and Acceptance, feeling the love and Unity

Возможность погрузится
в поле Тишины и Принятия, почувствовать любовь
и единство

Soul conversation about the most important things, soul awakening atmosphere

Meditation practices, giving you a deeper sense of the present moment

Heart opening techniques, deeper dive into your sensations

It’s your chance to connect to your soul and be the creator you are

Your hosts:

Every satsang is hosted by Awakened practitioners that transmit the depth of a present moment and giving every participant the chance to touch your true nature..

Josh Tuttle

Liepa Vasiliauskaite

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📆 28 July 19:00 
🕛 Duration ~ 1.5 hours
📌Address - Center of Riga
🌀 Donation by heart

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+1  720 519 8185 Josh

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