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Can you sense a feeling of untapped potential humming somewhere deep within you?

Whether you already meditate or want to begin, what you’ll discover with Meditation Revolution will transform your understanding of this ancient and scientifically proven practice.

Our mind works like this. We often think about something all the time – the past, the future, and things that don’t exist in the present. We constantly evaluate and analyze everything and all this consumes a vast amount of our energy.

But this completely changes with meditation. We can simply exercise not being involved in the stream of thoughts, remaining a witness to what is happening, freeing up that un-utilized energy.

To achieve this, we use a simple-yet-effective practice with a unique blend of ancient meditation, yoga and breathwork, integrated into a modern day approach.

The methodology is focused not only on experiencing a deeper level of consciousness and high vibrational state, but also implementation into daily life, leading to a heightened pace of conscious evolution and allowing anyone to take a step towards Awakening right now.

In just 3 days, you’ll be able to try the practice for yourself and experience powerful change. 

Day 1

Live session in the evening: Learning the Elements of Transformation.

Experience a unique combination of the meditation and yoga elements that bring true balance and stability in your life.

Day 2

 Morning meditation and Live session in the evening: Getting to Know your Inner Nature.

Explore the heart of your being through additional elements and learn to express yourself sincerely from a greater depth

Day 3

Morning meditation and Live session in the evening: Spiritual Awakening and Next Levels of Consciousness

Get to know what a real Spiritual Awakening is and what are the next levels of Consciousness 

What you will experience:

Go beyond your mind's limitations

Amplify your results with the power of high vibration group synergy

A unique blend of ancient meditation, yoga and breath work 

A taste of living from your heart

A step towards Awakening

Your host

Anna Sokol will be your instructor for the 3 Day course! She have been instructing meditation for the last 4 years and have conducted meditations in more than 25 retreats, both online and offline practices around the world. She felt a need for an inner transformation which led her to dive deep into intensive practice, leading to awakening and expansion beyond.

She is inspired by the transformation people get from this methodology and knowledge. Seeing how her students discover meaning, get the aspiration to live fully and become truly happy is her biggest treasure.

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