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Our Retreat & Courses Feedbacks

“I actually created this dialogue and connection with god, and I felt for a moment that I was united with him. It seems to me that its still me, but in a depth something has profoundly changed”

“I have suffered a lot from depression in my life… I learned Transcendental Meditation… I have been to more than 130 Ayahuasca ceremonies… These 10 days gave me more changes than 10 years.”

“I haven’t seen her in 13 years I got to meet my mom… My heart started to crack open and I got the vision of where i’m supposed to go, who I’m supposed to be… I made amends… I feel myself alive… I didn’t know it was this mind-blowing”

“Actually, this stress that I had for many years, it just fell off. I don't feel this pain anymore. Yeah, that's gone... I really felt the peace. It was generous. It was real. The first time ever I felt something like this”

“It was a life changer... When that chatter stopped, there's whole new reality just emerged going outside of the matrix... Really getting sense of just limitless space of who I am. Just pure love that accepts you for who you are”

“It opened my eyes and my mind in ways that I didn't expect...That insight was that I'd been carrying this sense of unworthiness that was like a very thick wall or a shell between me and the world that helped me understand what I had created.”

Leave a request for a Personal Consultation with one of our guides