Why are you here?

This is the burning question within every single one of us.
It asks us to look deeper than just what's on the surface.

If you:

  • have learned from personal experience that the only thing
    to worry about is your own spiritual growth
  • don't want to lose precious time and waste it on nonsense
  • have realized that you and mankind can't go on living like this
  • are ready to make a radical change in your life

then you are not alone!

In here we dive deeper on subjects that matter.
Join us with like-minded people to discuss and explore possible answers.

What will we discuss?

Upcoming sessions


Personal growth or Spiritual Awakening

What to choose?
Finding connection between different goals.


A Loving Awakening 

Is it possible to have a spiritual awakening without experiencing significant life challenges or trauma? Exploring the changes that happen in the awakening journey


Desire to awaken

Is spiritual awakening a solitary journey or does it require community support? The importance of desire to awaken.


Uniting spirituality and material world

Does spiritual awakening necessarily lead to a rejection of material possessions and wealth? 

*Disclaimer: This information has no relation to religion, politics, or nationality.

Before and during the discussions we will add some meditation practices to bring us back to being present and conscious.

Till we meet

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3 Key aspects in the discussions

We have an open discussion and share our honest opinion. We are here to learn and help one another.

Everyone has the right to speak out. We see perspectives differently, so let's find out what works.

We leave aside all our previous experiences in order to have a new experience.


The discussions will take place on 28th of April, 4th, 11th and 18th of May


28 April

Evening practice:
(Riga Timezone)



4 May

Evening practice:
(Riga Timezone)



11 May

Evening practice:
(Riga Timezone)



18 May

Evening practice:
(Riga Timezone)


Energy exchange

The sessions are free of charge. Yet if you feel inspired you can "donate" by heart ❤️

Why do we do this?

At the core, we are looking for friends and conscious people
to create a conscious society.
Everything that we practice aims to develop awareness and unity between people, a harmonious and strong state of a body and confident movement along the path of internal growth.

Who are we?

Our students come from 55 different countries
all over the world

We are an international team of volunteers - like-minded people -
the "World of Awakening" team. We all have one common goal:
to pursuit "full realization" on all levels of being.

Our ‘World of Awakening Team’ consists of Awakened instructors and aspirant instructors who walk the path to Awakening themselves and are here to share their experiences and keys with others. They are constantly trained as a team together with Genadiy, our realized teacher. Together  we are constantly developing the living method through which one can achieve "full realization" in this one lifetime, compatible with modern life and where is does not require a 10-year stay in Tibet in a monastery or cave. The method is focused on achieving concrete results, that takes one beyond concepts, beliefs, feelings, and ideas about oneself and the world to a direct, pure, and conscious perception of reality.
We learn to influence this reality in order to move into the next one.

Our main team is located in one of our Retreat Centers in Latvia, Europe, where we live amongst like - minded people. Currently we are expanding abroad to Asia and America to build retreat centers and share the knowledge.

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