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Have you lost the joy of your routine? Are you looking for an energy boost and stress relief? Would you like to connect with like- minded people and get answers to your questions?

If so, take part in our weekend intensive, in which we teach effective techniques and tools that will help you to make everyday life more mindful, happier, more energetic and above all more joyful.

Together as a team we embark on a journey back to our own inner source. The source of our infinite creative power. We learn to direct this creative power consciously and to use this enormous energy in an ecologically meaningful way.

In just 2 days, about 19 hours, or more precisely 1140 minutes, we will experience various exercises together that will lead us to an intensive inner change. We learn to quiet the mind, focus our attention and live in the present moment.

Our experiences team, including instructors, will guide you through this journey, support you and provide you with tips and tricks. You will come out of this intensive with joy and ease and armed with effective tools for everyday life.

This weekend intensive provides optimal conditions for a quick and effective cleansing of the nervous system, to relieve accumulates stress and tension, and bring the whole organism into harmony.  

Wat is a weekend intensive?

Each of us already IS a limitless and infinite consciousness. Unfortunately, we have forgotten that over the years. So in order to remember this, it is necessary to free ourselves from the constant resistance of our mind and ego.

As part of the intensive, we work on this through exercises that expand awareness and encourage an opening of the heart. Our main tools are yoga exercises, meditation, breathing exercises and laughter therapy.

Each participant must understand that this intensive is not a wellness vacation or entertainment outing. Our goal is to free you from all subconscious programs that prevent you from truly living and instead allow you to presever in mere existance. This process can be accompanied by strong emotion experiences, we are talking about purification of our psychophysics.

Teamwork has a special meaning in this course. The synergy effect significantly accelerates the change of all participants. Throughout the course, all participants are in constant contact with the trainers.

All this allows you to achieve concrete results in just two days, comparable to the results of several years of individual work.

During the intensive you will experience the following positive effects: 

an increase in your health

the liberation from years of stress and inner blockages

the answer to the question of the meaning of life

awakening experiences

This intensive is essential for you if you are on the path of self-discovery, want to know an effective method and want to start the path to awakening and beyond. 



Yoga exercises

Connection with like-minded people

Laughter therapy

Experienced instructors

Breathing exercises



Energy exchange: 160 €

World of Awakening is a non-profit organization. All profits go towards building retreat centers around the world where we pass on the knowledge. 

The instructors

Ведущие — инструкторы
Школы Гивина

Artyom Pokatilow

Valerij Poleonow

Time schedule

Berlin Time

DATE  20:00 – 21:30

Introductory seminar (online)

 DATE  9:00 – 20:30 

Group and individual practice

 DATE   9:00 – 17:30  

Intensive practice and Satsang


Gubiner Str. 11e, 86156 Augsburg


Telegram Messenger - We gather before the retreat all via Telegram chat where we share information, answer questions and get to know each other. After payment, the link to our Telegram group will appear, which each participant should join.

This is an intensive course! In addition to the retreat itself, there will be video and audio material available as preparation. We recommend going through the materials.
This course is also suitable for beginners. 

Dress comfortably, bring a yoga mat, a chair, and a notebook and pen.


It is necessary that 3 days before the start of the course, during the course and 3 days after... 

abstain from smoking and drinking alcohol

avoid all animal products (meat, fish, milk and eggs)

refrain from small conversations ( social media, parties, unnecessary discussions, etc.) and intimate relationships (flirts, sexual intercourse)

always come on time and follow the instructions of the instructors, then we guarantee concrete results

In case of violation of the conditions, failure to follow the instructions of the instructor, the participant may be excluded from further training without compensation or other claims


IS this course suitable for me if I have no practical experience?

The intensive will be effective and will help you even if you don't know the theory and have never practices anything.
In many cases, past experiences can even be a hindrance. Often it doesn't allow one to perceive the practice freely because of the heap of labels and concepts. 

We ask that participants with previous practical experience put their knowledge aside for the duration of the course and adopt all of the instructor's recommendations from scratch.


One of the main factors in the effectiveness of the retreat is a total change in the usual actions in your life. the phone is one of the most important attributes of the modern world that we carry everywhere and use for communication and entertainment, reading books, watching movies and much more. In general, the phone is associated with a large number of daily tasks and activities that stimulate our mental activity. And in order to deeply feel and understand the methodology of the school and get the effect of the exercises, it is necessary, on the contrary, to calm down internally. 

In this context, all phones, computers and gadgets are used for practical purposes only! Take care of any questions you might have during the class in advance. This is a categorically important condition! 

what is i have injuries, medical limitations, or i am on a special diet adviced by my doctor.

You must inform us about diets, injuries and other medical indications in the questionnaire before the start of the retreat. Thus, the trainers and organizers will already know about your state of health and, if necessary, will give all necessary recommendations regarding the efficiency of the practice. 

why are there restrictions before the retreat?

Why should I eat vegan (excluding all products of animal origin)? 

Since 75-80% of a person's energy is spent digesting food, we can help our body shed accumulated stress by switching to a plant-based diet. Such a diet requires less energy for digestion. This means that your psychophysics will be cleared and rebuilt more quickly. 

Why give up alcohol and tabacco?

During the course there is a deep cleansing of the entire organism on all its levels. This is a very serious burden! The consumption of alcohol, nicotine and psychotropic substances puts an enormous strain on the body, which can cause serious damage to your health!  

Why are restrictions necessary? 

To delve deeper into the practice, you need to switch to 'Silent Mode'. this means temporarily stop listening to music, watching movies, reading books, watching entertainment video's, having sex, overeating... All of this can be a stimulus for your mental activity, or what helps you escape from conscious inner work into the void. 

The Silent mod allows you to quickly gain a sense of your own nature and gather inner energy to realize your potential faster.